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Why Hire?

There are numerous economic, environmental and safety advantages of renting equipment instead of buying.

As the key representative body for the hire industry in Australia, the Hire & Rental Industry Association is increasing awareness of the compelling business case around the benefits of hiring what you need versus purchasing and owning it.

Listen to what HRIA members say when asked why you should hire over buy

Those of us working for hire companies or within the hire industry understand the many benefits of hiring over buying.

We took the opportunity at HIRE21 to ask some HRIA members to tell us in their own words why they think people should hire over buy.


Take 30 seconds and have a listen to why hiring makes financial sense.

Owning equipment can be expensive, by hiring you will always have access to the latest equipment without worrying about repairs, upgrades and borrowing costs.


Take 30 seconds and have a listen to how when you hire, you are not just hiring the equipment, but the people and experience behind the equipment as well.


Take 30 seconds and have a listen to our members talk about how hiring supports a sustainable outcome.

Equipment that is purchased often sits idle for long period of time. People are increasingly conscious of their carbon footprint therefore hiring makes sense for the environment as well as your business