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The Rental Journal Podcast

The Rental Journal Podcast and the Hire and Rental Industry Association (HRIA) have announced an exciting 12-month partnership to showcase those working in hire and promote the industry as the preferred choice for Australian businesses and consumers.

As the fastest growing podcast in the Equipment Rental Industry, the Rental Journal Podcast aims to increase the awareness of the hire and rental industry through sharing insights into business successes and challenges, career progression and thought-provoking topics. The weekly podcast features interviews with a variety of industry experts many of whom have an association with the HRIA.

Founder and host, Mark Simonsen, said, “The original idea behind the Rental Journal Podcast was to give back to the industry that provided me with a career.”

“It’s quite simple, we want to share insights from those in the hire industry, both well-known leaders as well as up and coming leaders. Partnering with the HRIA makes sense – our organisations have similar values, and both are looking to give back to the hire industry and make a positive difference.”

HRIA CEO, James Oxenham said “The focus of the HRIA is on growing the industry through supporting our members, as well as encouraging more people and businesses to use hire. The Rental Journal Podcast allows us to push this message out through a new channel. Collaboration has always been a key part of the hire industry, and as the industry association this value is key to our success.  The Rental Journal Podcast interviewed our members at HIRE22 and are very proud to be continuing this collaboration through this partnership.”

“Networking and developing connections between members has been a key focus of the HRIA since the beginning, this partnership will enable us to build on the work we do face-to-face, also moving this online.” James added.

Already the Rental Journal Podcast has interviewed 100 industry figures from the well-known including Andy Kennard (Kennards Hire), Adrian Manning (Coates Hire) and Greg Parfitt (Orange Hire), through to up-and coming-future leaders, all of whom are truly passionate about the hire industry. Highlighting the almost endless opportunities that the hire industry brings, this collaboration between the Rental Journal Podcast and the HRIA also aims to attract as well as develop people in hire.

Select Podcast episodes can be found below.

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Andy Kennard is the son of Kennards Hire founder, Walter Kennard. Andy talks about how he grew the business with his brother, and what he learnt from travelling to the U.S. In addition to this, Andy recognizes the value that Family Business Australia played in keeping Kennards Hire a privately owned company.


Gary Kerr is the founder of Kerr’s Hire in Victoria, Australia and has over 50 years experience in the equipment rental industry. Gary is a past President of the Hire and Rental Industry Association and is truly an industry legend.


Erin Johnston is the Director of South Coast Party Hire and the Hire & Rental Industry Association Events President.


Adrian Manning is the Chief Operating Officer at Coates Hire, Australia’s largest nationwide industrial and general equipment hire company. Adrian has worked from the ground up, being involved with companies such as Acme Hire, St George Hire, National Hire, Kennards Hire and now Coates Hire. Adrian shares his journey, while also providing some insight into key events such as the merger between National Hire and Coates Hire.


Greg Parfitt has worked in the equipment rental industry for over 30 years. Greg has had senior leadership roles at National Hire & Coates Hire before eventually joining Orange Hire as CEO.


Peter Lancken is one of the most recognized individuals in the equipment rental industry. Peter has over 45 years experience in the industry, receiving awards from both the American Rental Association and the Hire & Rental Industry Association. In addition to this, Peter was also awarded an Order of the Medal of Australia (Member of the Order – AM) for his significant service to the equipment hire and rental industry and the community. Peter is a non-executive chairman on various boards, was at one point was the Managing Director of GKN Australia, and served as the Kennards Hire Managing Director between 1994 – 2009.