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Transport safety

The HRIA are building on their resources available around transport safety. Working alongside industry experts we have developed two online training programs focusing on the transportation of hired plant and equipment, the Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness Course and the Load Restraint Online training.

HRIA Load Restraint Online Training

Transportation of equipment on heavy and light vehicles is one of the highest risk activities for the hire industry. A primary source of this risk is ineffective restraint to the requirements of Schedule 7 within the Heavy Vehicle (Mass Dimension and Loading) National Regulation associated with the Heavy Vehicle National Law Queensland Act 2018.

In response to the HRIA’s commitment to minimising risk of transport activities in the industry Online Load Restraint Training has been developed. There are 4 online training modules along with supporting reference documents.

  • Load Restraint Fundamentals
  • Earthmoving Equipment | Direct Restraint
  • Compaction Equipment | Direct Restraint
  • Access Equipment | Direct Restraint

Courses can be done individually, or if all four modules are completed together a certificate of completion will be issued.

The online Load Restraint Training has been designed to achieve multiple goals of safer drivers and vehicles plus safer road use, through the improved restraint of mobile plant.

For a limited time the course fees for HRIA Load Restraint Training have been waived, making this course free of charge.

The HRIA Load Restraint Training is funded by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative, supported by the Australian Government.

HRIA Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness Course

In response to the changes in Chain of Responsibility laws in 2018, the HRIA Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness course was developed. This course focuses on the transportation of hired plant and equipment and has been designed to ensure that operational and administrative staff within the hire industry are aware of Chain of Responsibility law and their responsibility.

There are 13 role-specific modules within the Chain of Responsibility Online Awareness course, including the Introduction and Fundamentals courses, through to specific courses designed for each of the different roles within the chain of responsibility. These courses will help you and your teams understand and meet your HVNL CoR legislative requirements. If you are named as a party in the chain of responsibility and you exercise (or have the capability of exercising) control or influence over any transport task, you have a responsibility to ensure the HVNL is complied with.

You can enrol and access the HRIA Chain of Responsibility course by clicking the button below.

Light Vehicle Load Restraint Posters

To assist those using light vehicles to transport equipment, the HRIA, alongside Engistics have created Light Vehicle Load Restraint posters. These posters can be downloaded, printed and used in your hire yard as well as used for training purposes.